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The services we offer cater to the specific needs of the niche populations serviced by Assisted Living, Long-Term Care, DDSD, Mental Health, and Correctional Institutions.  The services mentioned below are just a few that are implemented to provide consistency and most importantly, eliminate medication errors.  We are licensed as a Home Care agency and closed-door pharmacy.  We will provide skilled nurse training to your agency, hands-on training for your client, staff, and family members.  It is a combination of these services and training that allow for a proficient and resourceful use of the pharmacy aspect of your facility or institution.

MAT/CPR/First Aid/CMA (Certified Medication Aide)


LegendCare Pharmacy is certified to conduct Medication Administration (MAT), Certified Medication Aide(CMA), CPR, and First Aid Classes,.  We will come on-site to provide these training services every quarter per facility request.

Color Coding

Our packaging will be color coded for the assurance that the medication will be given in the proper time frame and help diminish medication errors.Color Coding

Staff Orientation


Once your facility decides to use LegendCare Pharmacy, our staff will set up a convenient time to come out and orientate your staff on our program to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that everything goes smoothly during the transition period.


We offer many types of compounds, some of the most common include: Gels, Creams, and Liquids.  This is beneficial when the client has problems swallowing or requires a special dose amount.




Unguator Electronic Mortar and Pestle

RN Consulting

We can provide RN consulting for a fee and can contract with your agency to provide RN consulting.  We can arrange to come to your agency once a month or quarterly depending on your agency's Policies and Procedures for chart reviews.  Our RN will review medications, dosages, contraindications, review lab work and charting documentations.

Cycle Fill


We will put all your clients on the same day cycle, ensuring that your clients will never run out of medications.  We will set a date for you, in which you will receive all of your client's medications at least five days prior to that set date.  This will also eliminate unnecessary trips to the pharmacy or running out of medications on the weekends and holidays.



We will manage your medication administration records (MAR) and your facility will be able to print the MAR from our secure website through the unique username and password provided.  As well as review the medications when needed.


We provide a 30-day bubble packing which will make it easier to keep count of your medications.  A picture of the medication along with the corresponding I.D. is attached on the back.  Standard vials are also available upon request.


With our online-interface, the physician will be able to electronically write prescriptions that will be sent directly to the pharmacy to be filled.  The facility will also be able to have a copy by logging into their online account.  This will organize the scripts that the facility will need for future reference by being able to go back and search by resident, drug, and date.

Pharmacist Consulting


We provide pharmacist consulting at a fee and we can contract with your agency to provide regular consulting.  Our consulting Pharmacist will provide your agency with: Review of Medications, dosages, drug interactions and will make recommendations when needed... 


COST SAVINGS: We are licensed as a "closed-door pharmacy," this allows us to pass the savings onto our customers.  We have no surprises or hidden costs and you will simply be billed for what you receive.


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