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"Making lives

Simpler & Safer"


Community Pharmacists

Our professional staff has years of experience and training to provide your clients with the best care available.


Advanced Facility

Our closed door facility was designed to provide our clients with affordable, customized, and focused care.


Certified Instructors

Certified instructors provide CMA, MAT, DDMAT, OJA MAT,and CPR/AED/ First Aid classes, along with updates on MAT, DDMAT, and OJA MAT.

Our Mission

We believe bringing Pharmacy services and MAT Training together as a whole will ensure a better quality of care for your clients. We feel that having a good relationship with your agency and working together allows for better service, consistency, and savings for your home or facility. Our programs can save you and your staff time and money!

Legend Care Pharmacy is a locally owned and operated business.

Legend Care caters to residental, long-term care, and other agencies. We operate as a closed door pharmacy, which allows us to focus on providing you and your patients the highest level of care.  We have multiple programs and products available that can be tailored to your needs and budget.  After over a decade of experience, we provide a cost-effective and friendly pharmacy solution.

Legend Care Pharmacy provides a variety of services for its clients. 

We offer multiple packaging solutions for your clients, from standard blister cards to our licensed multi-dose compliance system. 

  • ACA accredited compounding of dosage forms
  • EMAR
  • Web-based reporting
  • Compliance Audits

We can design a flexible program tailored to meet your needs.