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Our goal is for our services to help by promoting the best quality of care available and to ensure the highest degree of medication adherence

Our Services

The services we offer cater to the specific needs of the populations served by Assisted Living, Long-Term Care, DDSD, Mental Health and Correctional Institutions. Our goal is to facilitate the highest level of communication, training, and patient care with everyone involved in the care of your consumers.

OTC Savings

Our pharmacy understands the importance of keeping out of pocket costs low for our clients. We offer very competitive pricing on your non-RX medications and medical supplies.


We provide both multi dose compliance packaging, as well as standard 30-day bubble packing, for improved accountability and better adherence. 

Medication Records

We will manage your medication administration records (MAR) and your facility will be able to print the MAR from our secure HIPPA compliant website. 

Staff Orientation

Our staff will set up a convenient time ot come out and instruct your staff on our programs to ensure that everyone is comfortable and properly trained. 

Pharmacist Consulting

Our pharmacists are always available to provide your agency with a variety of services such as medication reviews and drug information; and we will coordinate with your medical providers to ensure client safety and better clinical outcomes.

Color Coding

Our packaging is color coded to assure that the medication is given in the proper time frame and to help diminish medication errors.  It will also indicate PRN and control meds for ease of counting at shift change

Cycle Fill

We will put all your clients on the same day cycle,so that your clients will never run out of medication.  Each month you will receive all of your medications at one time, simplifying record keeping and eliminating multiple trips to the pharmacy. 


We are fully certified with latest E-scribing requirements, including controlled substance.  We also provide a secure medical texting/email platform for our clients to communicate with us. 

RN Consulting

We provide RN consulting for a fee. We can arrange to visit your facility monthly or quarterly depending on your policy and needs. Our RN will review medications, dosages, chart documentation, and will help you address any compliance issues. 

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